Partner Spotlight: infltr

Posted on Thursday, February 4th, 2016 by Swati Teerdhala
Category: Partner Spotlight

We’re excited to announce that infltr is now live in the app store with an impressive Creative Cloud Connected experience!

Infltr is a camera app that gives users access to an infinite variety of filters with touch- and the ability to add a filter before taking a picture to get exactly the effect you want when composing your creation. As you move your finger across the screen, the filter changes in real time. It’s an intuitive and innovative approach that lets you to discover endless looks for your pictures – without the need for complicated settings or boring pre-set filters.

Adobe Creative SDK Integration


Infltr’s latest release, version 2.0, includes an integration with the Creative SDK that brings even more creative freedom to the mobile photographer. Infltr used the Lightroom Photos API and the Creative Cloud Libraries API to build custom import and export options for their users. Now, infltr users can import images stored in their Lightroom Photos or Creative Cloud library, and can also upload their edited photos to Lightroom Photos or Creative Cloud libraries.

To enable a quick mobile to desktop experience, the infltr team integrated the Creative SDK’s Send to Desktop tool. Users can send images from infltr directly into Adobe Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC on the desktop. The addition of the Creative SDK enables infltr users to easily and seamlessly work on their creations from mobile to desktop without leaving the app.

Infltr’s integration is a great example of how the Creative SDK’s APIs can be used to fit within an app’s existing user flow and design.

If you’d like to avoid building your own asset picker using the Photos, Libraries, or Files APIs, you can use our Asset Browser UI component to allow users to import assets stored anywhere in the Creative Cloud directly to your app.

See how easy it is to integrate the Creative SDK into your app now!