Angular/Express Sample Repo for Web

Posted on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 by Ash Ryan
Category: Web
Tags: GitHub, Image Editor UI, Repo

Angular/Express sample repo for the Creative SDK

Hi Web developers! Last week we announced a new sample GitHub repo for the Creative SDK Image Editor.

This first repo is meant to be a very basic example of how to launch and get results from the Image Editor component, and is written in jQuery for maximum code readability for the widest range of web developers.

Joining the jQuery sample repo is a new Angular/Express sample repo.

Points to check

This repo was created to show you a couple of things that we often get questions about:

  1. How to use the Image Editor within the Angular framework


  2. One way to pull images from your Express server for use in the app UI and Image Editor


Getting started

Be sure to follow the steps in the readme to get set up.

You will need Nodejs and NPM installed to run the app.

Not a web developer? We offer Getting Started sample repos for mobile platforms as well. Have a look at our sample repos for iOS and for Android on GitHub.

Head on over to GitHub to fork a repo and try out our Creative SDK sample repos.