Our first sample repo for Web on GitHub

Posted on Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 by Ash Ryan
Category: Web
Tags: GitHub, Image Editor UI, Repo

Creative SDK GitHub repos for Web

Hi Web developers! On the heels of our recent announcement of sample Android app repos, we are excited to announce that we have our first sample repo using the Creative SDK for Web.

The Web Getting Started repo

The Web Getting Started repo will contain multiple samples of web apps using Creative SDK components.

The first sample shows you how to use the Creative SDK Image Editor for Web. Just follow the instructions in the readme, and you’ll have a working web app that integrates the Creative SDK Image Editor:

As shown in the slideshow above, the sample app displays an image that can be loaded into the Creative SDK Image Editor. After saving edits in the Image Editor, the results of the user edits are then shown in place of the original image.

This is a very basic example of what you might do with the Image Editor, but the code included in the repo should give you an idea about how to get started with your own integration.

Getting Started sample repos for mobile platforms

In addition to Web, we offer Getting Started sample repos for mobile platforms as well. Have a look at our sample repos for iOS and for Android on GitHub.

Head on over to GitHub to fork a repo and try out our Creative SDK sample repos.