The Journey from Aviary to the Creative SDK

Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 by Swati Teerdhala
Category: General

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Today, we are happy to announce the complete transition of the Aviary SDK to Adobe’s Creative SDK. Moving forward, developers using the Aviary SDK will need to update their apps and integrate the Creative SDK instead.

It’s been over 1.5 years since we joined Adobe in September 2014, and we thought this milestone would be a good time to reflect on our journey to this point.

Aviary was born out of a mission to democratize creativity by making it easy for anyone to express themselves in seconds. For us, that meant enhancing the camera that everyone always carries in their pockets – their smartphones – and the apps that live in them.

We could have approached this mission in many different ways, but we saw a real market need for a photo editing SDK. We know that high quality, edited images are critical to many different industries, but the developers in those industries need to focus on their own products instead of building their own imaging technology and UIs. That need was so strong, that when we first built Aviary’s SDK at the end of 2011, of the 100 developers to whom we showed our prototype, 70 of them immediately signed up as partners… and more than 30 of them agreed to be part of our private beta launch.

That kind of instant product-market fit is rare for a startup to find and we consider ourselves lucky to have found a niche that enabled us to do what we love, working with other app developers and startups like ourselves to help people express themselves through images.

Developers loved it because it enabled them to focus more on what they were great at – making their apps amazing – while we focused on the imaging parts. The end result was a higher quality app that was easier and faster for the developer to build .

And our partners’ users LOVED it. Apps that had Aviary’s SDK integrated dominated the Photo & Video categories in the app stores on multiple platforms. Thousands of partners signed up – everyone from small indie 1-man shops like Pic Stitch & Halftone to public companies like Yahoo!, Walgreens and Twitter. More than 10 billion photos were edited in Aviary’s technology in our first year of launch alone.

In September 2014, we made the easy decision to join Adobe to lead their Creative SDK offering. Doing so meant we would have access to Adobe’s amazing treasure vault of creative technology to provide to developers… and we have refocused our mission around building an offering for developers that extends far beyond image editing.

Since the Aviary SDK was first released, developers using creative tools have come to expect an even greater number of creative tools in their applications. Fortunately, we have become well positioned since joining Adobe to provide new creative functionality we otherwise could not have done alone. For example, the Creative SDK makes it easier for everyone to access their Creative Cloud files in every app; to create and export rich Adobe file types like .PSD; to be part of a connected ecosystem of apps that share a unified workflow; and even provides access to Adobe technology beta initiatives like Adobe Labs.

Moving forward, Adobe will double down on making it easier to provide partners with creative tools, workflows and file compatibility for their users.

As we mark the complete transition from Aviary’s SDK to the Creative SDK we’re excited to move forward with a roadmap focused on new initiatives, knowing that the parts of our past roadmap dedicated to supporting our legacy code is now complete.

Avi Muchnick

Director of Products, Creative SDK & co-founder of Aviary