Free Content in the Image Editor

Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2016 by Swati Teerdhala
Category: General

The Image Editor is one of the most popular components in the Creative SDK — not just because of its simple, yet powerful, editing tools. It is unique in offering content packs with numerous Effects, Frames, Stickers, and Overlays to give users a fun and flexible way to edit their photos creatively.


We’re very excited to announce that, with this new version of the Creative SDK, we’re adding 16 of our most popular content packs to the Image Editor accessible for free to users with an Adobe ID across our partner ecosystem!

Over the past year, the top feature request from our users for both the Image Editor component of the Creative SDK and our showcase app, Photo Editor by Aviary, has been “more free content!” As we usually do with new features, we first tested this new offering within our own app, Photo Editor by Aviary, before adding it to the Creative SDK to ensure that we would be delivering an enhanced product to our partners and an amazing editing experience to their users.

The results were fantastic — by making this content free within the Aviary app, and enabling users to sync the content with their Creative Cloud accounts, the number of 5 star reviews doubled! Positive rankings and great reviews are two of the most powerful factors in Apple App Store and Google Play rankings. This is especially true for photography and creative apps.

Our Aviary users also used the app reviews to express their excitement over the new features . One user commented that “the amount of filters frames, and effects which are free and updated every week is amazing!” Another user was “absolutely in love” with the ability to link their favorite app to their Adobe Creative Cloud account and sync content.

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Now, with this brand new feature of the Image Editor, we’re confident that apps that integrate this component of the Creative SDK will see a major boost in positive reviews, engagement, retention and overall user satisfaction. We’ve carefully vetted the 16 free content packs to include the most popular and top performing items such as, Glow Pro, Grid Overlays, Typeset Stickers, and Delicato Frames.

Users without Adobe IDs can quickly create them within your app and immediately have access to the content. They can also take advantage of the other benefits of an Adobe ID such as a free trial of Adobe tools like Photoshop and Illustrator and the ability to sync their content to their Creative
Cloud accounts.

Going forward, free content will be a significant part of the Image Editor and we’re excited to continue bringing fun, engaging and high quality stickers, filters, frames and overlays to all types of mobile and web apps through the Creative SDK.