Partner Spotlight: PANTONE Studio

Posted on Thursday, August 25th, 2016 by Swati Teerdhala
Category: Partner Spotlight

This week, we’re super excited to showcase PANTONE Studio and their integration with the Creative SDK.


PANTONE Studio is the first new digital product launched by Pantone in years and was developed in response to customers asking for a more connected and accessible way to work with Pantone color, as well as a means for starting the inspiration process using the Pantone language.

Rather than act as a simple color reference, PANTONE Studio serves to meet all of these needs by facilitating a full workflow that begins by converting inspiration (colors, images, search terms, insights) to Pantone color palettes, visualizing those palettes on various materials, graphics and vectors, and enabling designers to share palettes to their design workflow or on social media.

Adobe Creative SDK Integration


Pantone integrated our Creative Cloud Libraries API to build a critical link in making this full workflow available and seamless for designers, and early feedback indicates that use of the Creative SDK has been a value-added feature, primarily for digital designers.

As Pantone further improves the Studio app and explores new product ideas, the complementary nature of Pantone’s colors to the Adobe Creative Cloud will provide more opportunities to connect designers between Pantone and Adobe using the Creative SDK.

Try the Creative SDK and PANTONE Studio!