PhoneGap Plugin Roundup

Posted on Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 by Ash Ryan
Categories: Android, iOS, Web
Tags: Client Auth, Image Editor UI, PhoneGap, Send To Desktop API, User Auth UI

PhoneGap Logo

We’ve had a lot of PhoneGap news recently, with the release of our first 4 PhoneGap plugins and 2 PhoneGap templates.

PhoneGap makes it possible for Web developers to build apps for iOS and Android using the languages they know and love: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our PhoneGap plugins are also compatible with Cordova and Ionic.

Creative SDK Image Editor PhoneGap template

Image Editor UI PhoneGap plugin

Creative SDK Send To Desktop API PhoneGap plugin

Send To Desktop API PhoneGap plugin

Learn more

For an overview of these new offerings, head over to the PhoneGap blog, where they talk about the Image Editor UI plugin, Send To Desktop API plugin, and more!

To see all of the Creative SDK PhoneGap plugins and templates, also be sure to check out the Plugins section of the Creative SDK GitHub page.

If there’s another Creative SDK PhoneGap plugin you’d like to see, let us know in the comments!