Creative SDK workshop at Rutgers Coding Bootcamp

Posted on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 by Ash Ryan
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Adobe Creative SDK at Rutgers Coding Bookcamp

As Technical Evangelist for the Creative SDK, I get to go out and talk to developer communities around the U.S. and the world about software development and tools offered by Adobe that enable apps to connect to Creative Cloud.

I was recently invited by Rutgers Coding Bootcamp to visit their campus in Jersey City. During my visit, I gave a talk to their students (and a few alums!) on the high-level differences between SDKs, APIs, libraries, and frameworks.

After the talk, the students joined me in a coding workshop, where we built a basic web page integrating the Creative SDK Image Editor UI component (you can try a live developer demo on our GitHub org).

Adobe Creative SDK at Rutgers Coding Bookcamp

I really enjoyed my time with this group of sharp web development students and the faculty and staff who support them.

After the workshop, I took a moment to ask Rutgers Coding Bootcamp’s Career Director, Nalani Kopp, a few questions about the program.

Nalani Kopp, Rutgers Coding Bootcamp

Hi Nalani!
Hi everyone!

Tell us about Rutgers Coding Bootcamp and your role there.
Rutgers Coding Bootcamp is a 6 month intensive full-stack development program. Our graduates learn a range of technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, MySQL, Heroku, Git, and more.

My role as Career Director is to provide students with support on their career development through job application and networking workshops. I also build robust partnerships to solve technical hiring needs for employers by sourcing our students and alumni.

My ultimate goal is to break down the barriers to hiring managers by providing them with access to our incredible pool of talent.

What inspired the start of the bootcamp?
Rutgers Coding Bootcamp desires to fill the technical talent gap by preparing skilled workers with the web development training they need to be successful in today’s workforce.

Our curriculum is reviewed and inspired by our employer partnership network, university curriculum team, student feedback system, and lead engineers in the industry.

What skills do you recommend that students pick up before joining a bootcamp?
Technical bootcamps require dedication, humility, and perseverance. We recommend that students prepare for the bootcamp by beginning with HTML and CSS training on Codecademy.

It is also advised that students begin networking within the tech community to be inspired by others who have gone through rigorous technical training.

What most excites you about the future of the bootcamp and its students?
As a former HR Director for a tech startup, I’m excited to see how our bootcamp enables hard-working employees to acquire a new technical acumen that leads to their next career step.

Some of the most difficult qualities to source for engineering hires are often collaboration, communication, and leadership. Since a strong percentage of our students come from non-traditional tech backgrounds, they excel incredibly in these soft skills that tend to make or break an engineering team.

Thanks to Rutgers Coding Bootcamp and Nalani for bringing me out to share a talk and Creative SDK code workshop with their students!

Interested in learning more about the Creative SDK? Head on over to our developer portal.