Creative SDK Release: Web SDK out of beta, iOS 10, Android N

Posted on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 by Swati Teerdhala
Category: General


Our latest release for the Creative SDK is available now for iOS, Android and Web! We’re incredibly excited to be taking our web Creative SDK out of beta and have a number of fantastic features and updates on both iOS and Android.

IMPORTANT: Switch from Client IDs to API Keys
Starting November 2nd, Client IDs and Client Secrets will be replaced by API Keys and API Secrets. This means that you will need to register a new Integration to get your credentials before updating to the latest version of the Creative SDK. Client IDs generated before November 2nd will continue to work with old versions of the Creative SDK (up to iOS v0.14 and Android v0.9) until Sept 3rd, 2017.


With this release, we’re officially taking our web Creative SDK out of beta and opening it up to all of our partners. We’ve offered the Image Editor UI Component, our most popular tool, from the beginning. Now, our web partners can give their users a deeper connection with Creative Cloud with our expanded suite of tools in the web Creative SDK, such as the Asset Browser and the Creative Cloud Files, Libraries and Photos APIs. We’ve already had some fantastic beta partners, such as Bluescape and Animoto, use the Web SDK to enhance and streamline their users’ workflows.
The web SDK is the next step in our goal to build one, connected Creative Cloud platform for developers to drive seamless creative experiences for customers wherever they go, across devices, platforms and applications.

See our Getting Started guide to learn more about SDK Initialization and other basic setup requirements for using the Creative SDK.

Asset Browser UI Component
With the Asset Browser UI component, your users will see a familiar interface for the Creative Cloud that lets them view and select their Creative Cloud Files, Lightroom Photos, as well as their mobile creations from Photoshop Sketch and Photoshop Mix.

Creative Cloud Files, Libraries and Photos API

In addition to the Asset Browser UI Component, which provides a rich Creative Cloud UI for your users, the Creative SDK also provides headless APIs for connecting with specific aspects of Creative Cloud, such as Files, Libraries and Photos.

User Auth API
Our User Auth API allows you to easily asking for permission to access your users Creative Cloud content with a familiar Adobe ID login screen.

See our Getting Started guide to learn more about the User Auth UI guide , and other basic setup requirements for using the Creative SDK.


Support for iOS 10 + Bug Fixes
We now support iOS 9 and 10! In addition, we’ve fixed a bug with syncing in the Typekit UI Component and Core Data crashes in the Foundation component.


Android N (API 24)
The Creative SDK now supports Android N (API 24). This is now the maximum API level supported.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or tweet at us.