Partner Spotlight: Glitché

Posted on Thursday, December 8th, 2016 by Swati Teerdhala
Category: General

We’re excited to showcase another one of our partner apps this week, Glitché.


Glitché is a fun, modern app that lets you give life to your photography by distorting or destroying it in cool, new ways. It’s an app used by countless people to give their photos a visionary and artistic vibe with Glitché’s filters and tools. The newest version of Glitché also has a powerful video editor and live camera filters that let you distort reality on any video you take.

Adobe Creative SDK Integration


Glitché users can now connect to top-notch Adobe creative tools in seconds with the Creative SDK integration! With the Creative Cloud Files API, users have the ability to take a photo, distress it with the filter of their choice and then save it to their Adobe Creative Cloud account to work on it later. Or they can send it straight to Photoshop on their desktop with the Send to Desktop API. With the new integration, Glitché’s user can continue working on their creation and turn it into a masterpiece.

By being connected to the Creative Cloud, Glitché users have a vast number of options to enhance and finish their works of art, allowing them to explore their creativity to the furthest extent.

Try the Save to Creative Cloud API or Send to Desktop API!