Wrap-up: Nulab events in Japan

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 by Ash Ryan
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Cacoo and Creative Sdk in Tokyo

Our thanks to Nulab Inc. for hosting some fun events with the Adobe Creative SDK team in Japan.

We held two events in two nights on December 7 and 8, one at the Dots event space in Shibuya, Tokyo, and the other at Nulab headquarters in Fukuoka. (You can read Nulab’s wrap-up, written in Japanese, on the Nulab blog).

Cacoo + Creative SDK


Earlier this year, Nulab’s diagramming tool Cacoo was one of the first Creative SDK for Web beta partners to launch with our new web version of the Asset Browser UI component. At the events, we showed Cacoo and Creative Cloud users what new workflows are now possible thanks to Cacoo’s Creative SDK integration.

During the events, I gave an introduction to the Creative SDK, covering how it enables developers to build Creative Cloud storage integrations and utilize Adobe-built creative tools, right within their iOS, Android, and Web apps.

I was joined by Mr. Hirayama, Product Owner for Cacoo, who demonstrated Creative Cloud-to-Cacoo workflows, made possible via the Creative SDK Asset Browser. Mr. Hirayama showed the audience how simple it is to import assets from Creative Cloud to Cacoo by simply selecting Creative Cloud files, InDesign layouts and more from the integrated Asset Browser, all without ever leaving Cacoo.

Cacoo and Creative SDK, Hirayama

Again, our thanks to Nulab and all of the Cacoo and Creative Cloud users who joined us in Tokyo and Fukuoka!

If you haven’t seen Cacoo’s integration in action yet, check out the details and screencast here.


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