Partner Spotlight: GoProof

Posted on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 by Swati Teerdhala
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Adobe tools, like Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, are some of the most widely used, comprehensive creative tools out there for design teams. Adobe add-ons, easy to download integrations that live directly in our creative tools, are a vital part to creative businesses, helping design team optimize their productivity and streamline their workflow — from right within their Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, or Indesign CC screen.

Adsynergy, a growing creative agency, has had tremendous success with GoProof, an add-on that streamlines the proofing process with clients by making design collaboration simple and time-effective. GoProof is one of the most advanced proofing tools available, designed to revolutionize the productivity of Adobe Creative Cloud users and creative marketing teams.

The team at adsynergy began using GoProof after a successful demo, which displayed to them how well the add-on would fit with their existing workflow — and ultimately improve it.

All of a sudden, the weight of my files has gone down because I can get instant approval. It feels a lot safer than saving out a file,” said Ryan Hadley, Head of Design at adsynergy. “You proof, send it off and it’s done. And I have a record. The simplicity is good.”


credit: adsynergy

They’ve also seen a boost in time efficiency when it comes to their own work. Being able to access GoProof from within Creative Cloud tools greatly improves adsynergy’s design workflow. . With GoProof, they no longer need to save and export a large number of files, search for version numbers, or sort through separate documents with feedback. Instead, all the changes are recorded and shown right there with the proof. Reviewers are also able to comment directly on the shared proof.

In addition, their clients have been happy with the adoption of GoProof, as it has enabled  deeper conversations, inviting collaboration in a process that used to be more disparate. Ryan said, “[GoProof]  saves a lot of time. It streamlines everything and takes out missing files and misunderstandings. It’s a better way to communicate.”

With GoProof, adsynergy has the ability to reassure their clients that they have a strong, simple review process, save their team precious time, and streamline their workflow.

Want to try GoProof? Get it here!